Trailing suction dredger for a Dutch shipyard

Hycom projects | Dredging


For a Dutch shipyard we have supplied the hydraulic packages for several trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD) up to 2000 m3 capacity.

Besides the HPU with installed power of 110kW, we supplied control manifolds for the winch bow coupling, mooring winch, cranes, bottom door cylinders, heave compensator, overflow cylinder, drag head/trunnion gantry cylinder, winch intermediate cylinder and winch, jet water valves, dredge valves and jet water monitor system. An emergency system for the valves is included as per Bureau Veritas standards.

With the scope of supply, including the technical documentation, the customer can assemble these systems at every shipyard around the globe.

A trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) trails its suction pipe when working. The pipe, which is fitted with a dredge drag head, loads the dredge spoil into one or more hoppers in the vessel. When the hoppers are full, the TSHD sails to a disposal area and dumps the material through doors in the hull.