Hydraulic active heave system Swell compensators

Hycom projects | Dredging


The Hydac group has delivered the active heave hydraulic system, the gas station and the control system for a dredging vessel. This innovative hydraulic system has been tailored made to fit the customer’s needs.

A hydraulic swell compensator is used to regulate suction head pressure and compensate for wave movements to keep the draghead in position above an undulating sea floor. A hydraulic cylinder in the swell compensator is connected to the active heave hydraulic system and generates sufficient hydraulic pressure to compensate for movement up to Sea State 4.

Hydac supplies tailor-made active heave compensation systems on winches or hydraulic cylinders that rely on the input of motion sensors. Responding to the signal from these sensors, the winches or cylinders pay in or pay out wire rope to keep the load at a constant elevation.